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UK Projects

Strategy, governance and business planning.

  • Feasibility study for three UK universities wishing to establish a campus in Dublin (2014).

  • Team member (with Higher Education Consultancy Group) undertaking a complete revision of the university governance code of the Committee of University Chairs (2014).

  • Review of the academic and corporate governance of private HE providers (2013).

  • Higher Education Authority, Ireland. A study for the Irish Government advising them on the policy options for the private higher education sector (2012).

  • Review of JISC. Joint team leader of major review of the future role, governance and organisation of the Joint information Systems Committee which manages the UK’s national academic IT network (2011).

  • Member of a Review Panel appointed by the Minister of Education in Wales to review the way higher education in Wales should be governed (2010).

  • Leader of a research project for Universities UK which looked at the scale and activities of private providers of Higher Education in the UK. The work involved analysing the present regulatory environment over the private sector and making policy recommendations to government and to universities. With Kingston University (2010).

  • Production of an International Strategy for the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education which looked at the options for the Board in developing international business and then set out the staffing and cost implications (2007).

  • Research into the international markets and key competitors for The Open University (2006).

  • Reviews of the effectiveness of the Board of Kingston University and the University's Audit Committee (2006).

  • Making sense of governance in Higher Education. Co-author of a series of self-study modules for governors (2006).

  • Feasibility study for UUK and HEFCE of the formation of a UK-wide “International Unit” for all Higher Education agencies in order to avoid duplication of activities and improve co-ordination in research and intelligence (2005).

  • Organisation and delivery of a series of seven seminars in the regions of the UK for members of governing bodies on good practice in governance and the new Code of Good Practice (2005).

  • Leader of a team working for the Committee of University Chairmen charged with identifying and disseminating good practice in the governance of UK universities. The findings were launched at a national conference and published as “Final Report to the CUC on good practice in six areas of governance of Higher Education institutions” at

  • Production of a risk analysis for the UK prior to a decision to embark on BRIDE, a major programme of academic collaboration between British and Russian universities (2004).

  • Member of a team helping Universities UK with a strategic framework for strengthening the management capacity of senior university staff and preparing the business case for the Leadership Foundation, published by UUK at (June 2003).

  • Advising the Vice Chancellor of a major university on the strategic reviews under way and identifying other strategic issues that needed study (late 2002).

  • Work for HEFCE and the ACU on a business plan for an international academy for university management (July 01).

  • Advising a global consortium of universities on its business plan for web based products and the market for a particular set of courses (2001).

Evaluation and programme review

  • Evaluation of SARUA, for the Netherlands Ministry Of Foreign affairs Mr Fielden undertook a formative evaluation of the Southern Africa Regional Universities Association, a network of 51 universities in the 13 SADC countries. (2011)

  • As part of the external scrutiny of the University of Wales Lampeter CHEMS was asked to carry out a review of the University's management capacity and to report to the Vice Chancellor and the University Council. (2008)

  • Leader of a review of DFID funding of the Commonwealth Scholarship Schemes for the Department for International Development, which considered, inter alia, the contribution of the scholarships to DFID's development strategies. (With Terry Allsop), (2007).

  • A review for the Open University of its activities in the field of continuing professional development (CPD) and of the staff and departments involved, leading to suggestions for the future reorganisation of the functions. (2007).

  • Team member of the summative evaluation for HEFCE of the Teaching Quality Enhancement Fund. (2005)

  • Reviewer of the business plan of Netskills, the national ICT training agency for staff and students in HE, and report on its progress against the plan with recommendations for further funding. (2004)

  • Team member in a summative evaluation of the Teaching and Learning Programme of JISC, in which over 60 projects were funded to innovate in the application of ICT in learning and teaching (with the Higher Education Consultancy Group) (June 2003 to Feb 2004)

  • Team leader of a strategic review for JISC of the Resource Discovery Network, the national internet resource catalogue. (with the Higher Education Consultancy Group). (June-August 2003)

  • Co-directing an evaluation of the JISC programme for implementing Managed Learning Environments (MLE) in institutions and integrating them with the institutional Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), with the Higher Education Consultancy Group. (June 2003 to Oct 2003)

  • Chair of an evaluation panel of the Centre for Higher Education Research and Innovation (CHERI) at the Open University with responsibility for writing the panel report (2002)

  • Leader of a study for the Joint Information Systems Committee reviewing the effectiveness and management of their advisory and production services for staff and students in HE and FE. (August 02)

  • Leading a team evaluating the Teaching Quality Enhancement Fund for HEFCE (Nov 01)

  • Co-directing a major project for HEFCE mapping the state of research in nursing and the allied health professions and producing a business plan for further investment. (Nov 01)

Library and information services

  • A review of strategic options for the British Library of Development Studies based at the Institute of Development Studies (2012)

  • A study for the University of London of the future strategic options for the Senate House Library. The exercise involved detailed calculations of the financial implications of each option as well as an initial analysis of the impact on the library's customers. The work involved extensive consultations with staff, students and various interest groups (2009).

  • An analysis for HEFCE of costs (using the TRAC methodology) of the five National Research Libraries so that they can be funded in respect of the use made of them by external visitors from the UK and overseas (2009)

  • Team leader of a feasibility study of merging the two libraries of the Inner and Middle Temples into one Temple Library incorporating a new Advocacy Centre for training (2009)

  • A costing study of the library of the School of Oriental and African Studies in preparation for the adoption of a TRAC approach so that the cost implications of external users can be calculated (2009)

  • CHEMS undertook the evaluation of phase 1 of the UK Research Reserve ( the scheme which had been created as a result of CHEMS recommendations in the 2005 report of the British Library and CURL on storage of serials). This reviewed the progress to date and recommended a continuation of funding with a revised formula for the financial support by the Funding Council. (2008)

  • Leader of a team investigating the need for a national role in the acquisition of e-books and development of business models for JISC (Report is published on the JISC website at ) 2006

  • Leader of a team studying the storage implications of universities retaining under-used serials. See the Report “Optimising Storage and Access in UK research libraries” at (2005)

  • Team member in a study for CURL and the British Library Co-operation and Partnership Programme of the alternatives for national Inter-Library Loan systems and development of the business models for the optimal solution (May 2003).

  • Leader of a review of the collections policies and metadata frameworks used by the hubs of the Resource Discovery Network (RDN) and the subject centres of the Learning and Teaching Support Network (LTSN). (2002/03)

  • Team leader of a study drafting a national UK policy for acquiring electronic content for learning, teaching and research in HE (July 02)

  • Leader of a study reviewing the human resource issues facing research staff in the library and information services in universities and recommending policy changes. (July 02))

  • Team member of a study reviewing the barriers to resource sharing between university libraries in the UK, published at (May 02)


  • Course Director of a week long leadership development programme in Angkor Wat for 100 Rectors and Ministry officials from Cambodia (2012) with a follow up workshop on the results achieved (2013).

  • Production of a Guide to Internationalisation in the "Getting to Grips" series for governors of universities and colleges. (2011)

  • Confidential analysis of the potential market for a new higher education institution in an African country for a major provider. (2012)

  • Team leader of three phases of a benchmark study of the way that universities were developing and managing their e-learning activities. The exercise involved the development of a self analysis document and then the summation of reports from the members in each phase. In all 41 universities were involved. (2006-08);

  • Project manager for the Leadership Foundation of the second and third Sino-UK Leadership Development Programmes involving 25 universities from both countries (2005-06 and 2007-08).

  • Team member in a study for HEFCE scoping the potential for, and implications of, using credits in the revised funding method for teaching. See

  • Production of mapping studies of international activity in training and developing senior university managers for the UK’s Leadership Foundation for Higher Education. (May 2004 and July 2009)

  • Project co-ordinator of the UK-Sino Higher Education Leadership Development Network in which 11 senior managers (mostly at Deputy Vice Chancellor/Vice President level) from leading UK and Chinese universities visit each other's institution and work together on a joint management development project. (July 2003 to May 2004)

  • Review of the portfolio of the Pro Vice Chancellors in a major university with recommendations for the future brief of two retiring postholders. (January to April 2003)

  • Team member in a study developing information and support materials (relating to finance, audit and estates) on the web for governors of HE Colleges, see (2002)


  • Member of a team (with CRAC) working on a major research study for the Department of Business Innovation and Skills that identified the income and (where possible) the costs of all UK universities' TNE (transnational education) activity. The report was published in 2015.

  • A global survey for a leading UK university of the strategies and operational practices relating to international activities in 50 of the leading universities of the world. The findings enabled the university to amend its international strategy accordingly (2015).

  • Support for a UK university wishing to investigate the establishment of a campus in mainland China (2014).

  • Production of a guide to the steps needed for a university to be fully ready for an expansion of transnational and offshore delivery. This Readiness Review contained checklists for designing all the processes and procedures needed (2014).

  • A guide to the financial aspects of UK HEI offshore activities, written for the UK Higher Education International Unit. (2013)

  • A guide to offshore staffing strategies for UK universities. Based on case studies in the UK, the USA and Australia, for the UK HE International Unit and the Leadership Foundation. (2011)

  • Production for Higher Education Wales of a draft internationalisation strategy for Wales that will be submitted to the Welsh Assembly for them to consider adopting as the national strategy. (2010)

  • A major study (with Kingston University) of the international partnership activities of the 28 university members of Million+, the think tank. The report contains numerous case studies describing different categories of partnership. It is published by Million+ as "Universities and International Higher Education partnerships: Making a Difference" and is available at (2009)

  • A study of the management and leadership aspects of international partnerships for the Leadership Foundation that involved undertaking three institutional case studies in the UK, overseeing similar exercises in Australia and then producing an overall report drawing on lessons from the case studies (2009-10)

  • Swansea University commissioned CHEMS to carry out a review of the way that internationalisation was managed and structured. The report recommended changes to the structure and staffing of the central support. (2009).

  • A world class University in the UK asked CHEMS to be the External Expert member in a review of its international strategy. (2009-09)

  • Research for the Department of Innovation and Skills into the mobility of UK students overseas and an examination of the barriers that prevent them from travelling. Undertaken with Professor Robin Middlehurst and Steve Woodfield and published under the title "Global Horizons for UK Students" by the Council for Industry and Higher education. (2007) The nursing School of a major world class university commissioned CHEMS to draft its international strategy. The work involved identifying suitable global partners and analysing the existing international teaching and research contacts of the academic staff. (2007)

  • A major study for the Council of Industry and Higher Education (CIHE) of UK universities internationalisation activities. The report described current developments in the sector and set these in the global context; it also gave many examples of good practice in internationalisation. The report is called "Global Horizons for UK Universities". (2007)

  • The UK Higher Education International Unit commissioned CHEMS to undertake an analysis of how UK universities were managing their international activities. This followed on from the two CIHE studies and involved six institutional case studies of management structures for overseeing internationalisation. The report was published by the International Unit at (2008)

  • Authorship of a chapter in the EUA/ACA Handbook on Internationalisation of European Higher Education. (2009) "The management of Internationalisation of Universities" is available


    Overseas Projects

  • Adviser to the World Bank in Nepal on matters relating to the decentralisation and governance of the university sector (2014).

  • Team member of a project developing the modalities for the merger of three Institutes of Technology in Dublin into a new University of Technology (2014).

  • Author of the first draft business Plan for the Commonwealth Tertiary Education Facility based in Universiti Sains Malaysia which was launched at the first CTEF regional workshop in Penang (2014).

  • A review of the progress made by the Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan towards internationalisation of its activities (2014).

  • Membership of a World Bank team reviewing the operations of the Private Universities Council in Kuwait with particular reference to its work in improving the quality of private providers.(2013)

  • Speaker at seminars in Slovenia (2012) on the governance and funding of higher education.

  • Sri Lanka: participation in twice yearly supervision missions of the Higher Education for the Twenty first Century (HETC) project funded by the World Bank. (2010-2014)

  • Russian Federation, Creation of a new Academy through mergers. Members of a World Bank team advising the president on the creation of a new international academy for management and public administration (RANEPA). (2011)

  • Government of the Maldives/The World Bank. As a member of a world bank team Mr Fielden has been advising the Government on their future strategy for higher education (2010-2014).

  • Autonomous University of Guadalajara Mexico. Responsible for visiting the university to carry out an educational appraisal of a request to the IFC for US$50m funding. (2011)

  • Linnaeus University, Sweden. Mr Fielden ran a two day workshop for the senior staff of the University helping them to prepare their faculty strategic plans in line with the university’s previously agreed four strategic goals. (2011)

  • International Finance Cooperation, Washington DC. Team Leader of an international team charged with producing a set of Investment Guidelines for bankers introducing them to the private education sectors. (2010)

  • Sri Lanka as an educational hub. Production of a report for the Ministry of Higher Education on the steps that might be taken to develop the country as a regional hub for higher education, attracting international students. (2011)

  • Policy for Higher and Tertiary Education, The Gambia. Support for the staff of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology in the production of a new policy. (2012)

  • EUA/ACA Handbook on internationalisation of European Universities. Authorship of a chapter on “the management of internationalisation”. (2010)

  • Co-authorship of a key discussion paper for the International Finance Corporation on how emerging countries should regulate their private sector providers in their higher education systems. (2008)

  • A review of the changing relationship between universities and governments throughout the world as well as the way that internal university governance is developing. Published by the World Bank in the Education Working Paper Series no 9 as "Global Trends in University Governance" and available at (2008)

  • Authorship of two chapters on Regulatory Issues and Financial Considerations in the UNESCO report called "A New Dynamic: Private Higher Education" for the 2009 World Conference on Higher Education available at

  • Participation in a series of World Bank Missions to Sri Lanka assisting the Ministry of Higher Education in the Development of a higher education strategy. The work focussed on identifying how teaching and learning in universities and the governance of the university system could be improved; it culminated in the authorship of two chapters in the Bank publication "The Towers of Learning: Performance, peril and promise of higher education in Sri Lanka". (2007-2012) Available at

  • Assistance to the Ministry of Education of Government of Kazakhstan with their plans to establish a world class university in Astana. Support was given by identifying two leading UK institutions as partners and then helping The World Bank to run two strategic planning events in Astana for Kazakh officials. Further advice was provided in 2010. (2008-10)

  • An international review of the programmes offered by worldwide providers of management training for university leaders was carried out for the UK's Leadership Foundation. The report includes a Directory of all the programmes run by 20 providers throughout the world. (2009)

  • Resource person, chair and final rapporteur for a World Bank regional workshop in Kuala Lumpur on Higher Education reform. (2007)

  • Participation in World Bank missions to Azerbaijan advising the Ministry of Education on options for developing new ways of funding, including funding formulae for teaching. (2009-10)

  • Devising the process for developing a national higher education strategy in Bangladesh and working with the various groups and committees set up by the University Grants Committee over an 8 month period, including final editorial support with the strategy document. (2005/06).

  • Supporting a team of senior academics and policy makers in developing an Umbrella Act for higher education in Nepal. (2005)

  • Presenting papers on sector governance and higher education reform at conferences and workshops in Granada, Beirut and Amman. (2004/06)

  • Authorship of a Technical Note for the World Bank summarising recent international developments in the governance of tertiary systems and highlighting possible reforms to the national system in Russia. (2004)

  • Development of a work plan and detailed scoping study of activities to be undertaken leading up to the creation of a regional association of vice chancellors in SADC member countries of Southern Africa. (March 2004)

  • Overall coordination and delivery of sessions at a major regional workshop of higher education reform in Thailand organised by the World Bank for senior officials and university presidents in South East Asia. (April 2004)

  • Resource person for a World Bank workshop on tertiary education systems reform in the State of Karnataka, India. (March, 2003)

  • Team leader of a World Bank project developing the business plan for a Caribbean Distance Education Network. (March-May, 2003)

  • Assisting the African Virtual University with the development of its business plan for submission to donors globally. (2002/03)

  • Advice to the South African University Vice Chancellors Association (SAUVCA) on strategy regarding the Minister’s proposed university mergers and on a national capacity building programme for senior staff. Drafting the Association’s three year strategic plan. (May 02)

  • Reviewing the business plan and budget for an educational charity based in Brunei and Malaysia wishing to produce web based packages teaching English to international students. (2002)

  • Development of a set of performance indicators by which the Department of Education in South Africa might measure the success of the universities in achieving national goals. (2002)

  • Working for the World Bank with the Ministry of Education in Bangladesh to help them plan a national strategic planning exercise for the higher education sector. (2001 and 2002)

  • Developing and running a workshop on internationalisation for staff from private and public universities in Malaysia. (May 02)

  • Helping a South African university prepare its strategic plan by facilitating a workshop of the senior Executive team. (May 01)

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